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Houston, we have a problem

A year into Covid19 and still the confusion persists.

Most people believe they are receiving data-backed scientific evidence from the medical industry; but the truth is, that is just not the case. The media is using alarm and fear to keep you on their story. When you turn to social media, those insights may be here today and gone tomorrow.

Can someone fix this problem?

Visual science...
Breakthrough solutions

We can solve your problem. What you need is a scientific secret decoder ring. Leave it to Mercy School... We can help you navigate the system and understand the situation so that you can make the most ideal decisions for yourself with the most advanced information possible.

How can we help you understand the 3000-plus hours of Covid science that we have navigated?  By usig hand-crafted animation and our unique teaching methods. One insight driving our method: Our visual brain processes 50,000 times faster than reading!

Finally, a way for you to be in control of your health with innovative knowledge about Covid. And even be entertained along the way!


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