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A Breakthrough

A growing number of scientists and physicians have looked at the data about Ivermectin - a drug therapy for Covid19.   They see the potential in this drug technology and call it ‘a breakthrough.’

The Problem

Emerging technologies face a barrier; they are founded on technical research that is rarely read by physicians.

Like all breakthroughs Ivermectin faces doubt from mainstream media, especially online.  

Good News.

Among the scientists who study Ivermectin and the physicians who use it we are nearing scientific consensus.

It works.
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No Hospitals

Ivermectin can keep people out of hospitals because it stops virus growth.  Because in some viral growth after many days triggers an immune system malfunction.  

The reason a few people get very sick with Covid19 is their immune system hyper-reacts.

Ivermectin must be deployed at the front-lines. Think family physicians and in urgent care clinics. In countries, that are doing this the pandemic is winding down.

Covid Breakthrough. If we get this letter in the hands of physicians we will save lives!
Vaxxed or Unvaxxed, no matter the variant.
Shockingly, physicians are unaware of this (very) effective and proven anti-viral therapy. 
Together, we will advocate for Ivermectin by sending
an appeal of citizen signatures to thousands of physicians.
Sign the letter.
From:   Citizens, Physicians, and Scientists

To: US and Canadian Physicians

Dear Physician: 

A growing movement of scientists, clinicians and national health agencies are in support of Ivermectin - a breakthrough drug for Covid19.

This letter is the public’s call for a new phase of the pandemic response, mass physician engagement with Ivermectin.

Ivermectin has been shown to effectively treat Covid19 in early and late-stage patients. A meta-analysis shows even in the sickest late-stage patients Ivermectin has a reduction in mortality of 50% or more.   Some nations like Mexico are nearing the end of the pandemic due to Ivermectin.

To transform clinical practice takes time, and that begins with your awareness of the clinical data on Ivermectin.  Every day lost costs lives from Covid and from lockdown responses including reduced care for everything not Covid.  

Why should you act?
  1. Your actions may save the lives of thousands and prevent further harm.
  2. You have independent decision making power.
  3. You an ethical duty to be informed about a live-saving therapy.
  4. This is your legacy.  We can make history.
There is no science, no legislation, no authority that stands in your way of doing the best for patients. Only fear.   Let's breakthrough the fear on Ivermectin.

We urge you to act:
  1. Read the collated research at
  2. Sign onto this letter at
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Support the effort.