Our vision is to work together,
to aspire higher than mountains...
to go beyond current imagination  
for a restored planet and
ultimately, a new civilization.


Science and media are the two major levers that can move civilization backward or forward.  We are going in the wrong direction.

Our brand is a response.
science icon

Who are we?  One of our founders brought on a healthcare technology disruption that changed the medical industry worldwide. We have mainstream credentials from Ivy League Universities, but we also work with people with credentials from Real World University.  

We believe the greatest missing piece in the sciences is people who have design oriented-synthesis-oriented thinking, also known as abductive logic.  If we had to claim we had a
super-power that others don't have, this would be it.

We're here to design something new.

We take breakthrough ideas in the arts and sciences and amplify them so they have  power, express them so they are useful and transmit them so they have impact. We find ways to synthesize new data in light of old wisdom.